brushesEZ TRIO™ Porcelain & Staining Brushes

DENTIFAX offers EZ TRIO™ Kolinsky style brushes that have an ergonomically designed beechwood handle for a comfortable grip reducing finger fatigue while providing easier and better brush manipulation. The innovative design of the handle prevents rolling and avoids contamination by keeping bristles off the bench.

These brushes are made with the highest quality male Kolinsky red sable hair available and consistently hold a fine point while applying opaque, porcelain or stain. The brush head is secured in a seamless, gold plated ferrule to prevent adulteration of the porcelain. All El TRIO”‘ brushes are handcrafted to last longer and provide greater economy. TRIO”‘ brushes are available in fourteen sizes with unique triangular handles for precision build-up and staining of porcelain.

  • EZ ACU-RITE™ Synthetic Porcelain & Staining Brushes
  • EZ ComBo™ Combination Synthetic Kolinsky Porcelain Brushes
  • EZ TRIO™ Kolinsky Porcelain a Staining Brushes
  • EZ Waxing/Porcelain Brushes


kingEZ ACU-RITE™ Synthetic Porcelain and Staining Brushes

Specifically designed for the creative ceramist’s most accurate porcelain applications, EZ ACU-RITE™ brushes are ideal for wet porcelain shaping, opaque applications and staining procedures. Made of a durable synthetic material, all ACU-RITE brush tips are extremely flexible, yet designed to hold their shape through continuous use.

The ACU-RITE” brush line comprises ten unique gold bristled brushes with attractive white enameled comfortable grip handles and are color-coded, gold/blue/red, for easy identification of brush function. For best results, it is recommended that only distilled water or water-based modeling fluids be used with ACU-RITE” brushes.

Available individually, as a complete kit of ten brushes or in a Build-up kit of gold tip brushes only.



IMG_2791_colorEZ ComBo™ Porcelain Brushes

EZ ComBo™ brushes are the ideal blend of durable natural and synthetic hairs combined into a single brush to provide a longer lasting rigid point for the creative ceramist. Every brush has a core of synthetic fibers surrounded by an outer coat of Kolinsky hairs. This design allows the inner synthetic fibers to hold enough water to keep the Kolinsky hairs moist longer without needing frequent brush wetting.

This innovative moisture-hold characteristic of an EZ COMBO” brush is further enhanced by specially designed movable weights in the handles of the two larger brushes. This feature provide the ceramist improved balance for easier manipulation and control of the brush. An EZ COMBO” brush works better on pre-moistened trays than any other brushes.



brushflatbedEZ Waxing/Porcelain Brushes

These brushes have been designed so that the synthetic bristles are precisely formed, perfectly smooth and extremely durable. They are available in both single end and double end brushes. The single end brush is suitable for cleaning up residue shavings from the model after completing wax-up. The golden bristle flat end of the double end brush is to clean up the residue porcelain shavings from build-up while the softer black bristles are for condensing, smoothing and whipping wet porcelain.