EZ Ringless Casting System™
Fast … Accurate … Economical

The DENTIFAX EZ Ringless Casting System is designed to increase productivity by achieving consistently accurate results without the time-consuming steps associated with the use of metal casting rings. The EZ Ringless Casting System utilizes durable, reusable plastic rings that are tapered allowing for unimpeded expansion of investment and easy removal of mold prior to burnout. This allows for quick and easy divesting after casting while reducing clean-up chores.


The ringless casting method is easily understood and implemented in laboratories because it does not require additional equipment and the technique is similar to conventional methods. Investment expansion is easier to control and not limited to the thickness of a ring liner. Dentifax El Ringless Casting System is available for either round or oval castings with four graduated sizes of round rings and two of oval rings permitting the use of traditional spruing techniques.

Round Ringless Casting

The EZ Round Ringless Casting System is ideally suited for traditional spruing techniques. The round tapered plastic rings come in four sizes,1-1/4″ to 3-1/21″ diameter. All are 2-1/8″ high with a 4° taper. Tapered ring design allows for maximum expansion of investment eliminating the need to remove the investment before its final set and risking any damage. EZ DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Reservoir Sprues are recommended for clean, rapid burnout with no residue, carbonization or pressure on the investment. An Introductory Kit is available.

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castin4Oval Ringless Casting

The EZ Oval Ringless Casting System is perfectly suited for long-span bridges and one-piece castings. There are two reusable oval rings, 2-1/4″ and 3″ lengths. Both are 2-1/4″ high with a 4° taper. An oval base accommodates either ring size and is, also, reusable. DENTIFAX’s patented Plastic Hollow EZ Feeder Bars and patented El DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Reservoir Sprues provide greater strength and rigidity than wax runner bars and sprues. Repositioning of the wax patterns and removal of wax-ups from the dies are accomplished without fear of breakage or distortion. An Introductory Kit is available.

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castin5EZ FEEDER BARS™ Hollow Plastic or Wax

DENTIFAX’s patented Plastic Hollow EZ Feeder Bar design offers significant benefits to the laboratory technician for increased accuracy and productivity. The continuously tapered hollow plastic interior provides superior strength, rigidity and a rapid elimination of wax and gases for a clean burnout. The contoured web supports the hollow feeder bar to facilitate the alloy flow toward each end of the bar smoothly and evenly without adding bulk. The central web contouring blends evenly with the hollow suppol1ing legs of the feeder bar to prevent angles or ridges in the channels and chambers of the investment mold.

The horizontal bar is long enough when used with the larger Oval Ring to sprue bridges and several single
units sprued at 45° angles. The bar seats snugly into the base, forming a smooth crucible former with minimum waxing required for attachment. Notched ends of the horizontal bar indicate where it should be trimmed.

Solid Wax Feeder Bars are available, if preferred. The Wax Feeder is also notched at each end to indicate where it should be trimmed enabling it to be usable on the smaller Oval Ring.



Round and Oval Casting Cradles

DENTIFAX provides specially modified cradles for both Round and Oval Ringless Casting systems. There are cradles for the two rings sizes and investment mold ejector to facilitate removal of the mold from the rings. Because of the 4° taper, that makes the rings reusable, the investment molds must be properly aligned in the casting machine so the molten alloy released from the crucible will enter the narrow end of the investment mold accurately and flow smoothly into the chambers of the mold.


ROUNDRingless Casting -Venting

DENTIFAX Venting Rods offer a simple solution to the possibility of trapped gases within the ring due to the stronger, more dense Investments now used. Venting helps to provide gas-free complete casting.

Catalog No. V9187 - Blue Vent Rods (20ga.x 5" (150/pkg)

Catalog No. V9187 – Blue Vent Rods (20ga.x 5″ (150/pkg)

The DENTIFAX Vent Rod will not weaken the mold and bums out completely. Minimum of 5mm must surround the mold. Metal will not break out of it or crack the investment. A vent rod is attached to the highest part of the wax-up and extends to the crucible former base. Molten alloy will drive any mold gases ahead of it into the vent and out without completely filling the vent channel.

The cast vent should extend about half way through the vent passage and have a round end. This indicates that all mold gases have been expelled from the mold by the force and density of the cast metal. Cast vent is easily cut off when trimming the casting.

Venting is an excellent indicator if the casting machine requires additional or less winds. Excess force produces longer cast vents.