quadranttrays_smFull Arch and Quadrant Trays

DENTIFAX offers EZ DI-LOK® System for the fabrication of precision inlays, copings, crowns and fixed bridges using elastic impression materials. The system eliminates the potential of dimensional changes in the impression and makes it possible to pour in one easy step complete impressions instead of the time consuming procedures necessary with dowel and matrix pins.

The EZ DI-LOK® Full Arch and Quadrant Trays are made of durable ABS material and can be used with all conventional articulators successfully hundreds of times. The efficient one-pour technique saves lab time and eliminates the need for costly pins or paralyzing devices.

The EZ DI-LOK® Arch Tray is ideally suited for multiple-unit restorations while the Quadrant Tray conserves stone by making single-unit or single-span restorations. Technicians are able to maintain precise mesio-distal and vertical relationships even after sectioning and removing dies.

The EZ Horn Mallet facilitates opening of DI-LOK® and removal of model without tray damage. EZ Tote Trays are available for model storage or transport.


EZ Saw Blades and Frames

DENTIFAX offers a choice of two styles of saw blades, Original Style™ and Ultra-Cut™ as well as three types of frames, Offset, Regular or Standard, one just right for your needs.

The Original Style™ blade has 25 teeth per inch for dependable precision and maneuverability. The .007″ blade makes narrow and extra fine cuts easy to handle. The Ultra-Cut™ .010″ blade has 18.5 teeth per inch to provide more rapid cutting with less clogging of the teeth to reduce laboratory cost. A .007″ blade is available. Saw Frames are available in three versions, 4-1/2″ or 5″ pinned blades in either Offset or Regular or an improved standard frame for unpinned blades.


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Saw Frames for Pinned Blades