model_7EZ ADAPT-RITE® Die Relief for Optimum Marginal Accuracy

DENTIFAX EZ ADAPT-RITE® paints are formulated to improve the seating of castings, increase retention and heighten the marginal seal. The quick-drying and self-leveling characteristics of all EZ ADAPT-RITE® paints enhance determination of relief thickness and produce smoother dies by filling roughness or nicks. Grinding and occlusal adjustments are minimized.

The functional range of relief is 24-50 microns except for implant super structures that require 50- 75 microns. EZ ADAPT-RITE® is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver and Gold. Properly thinned, Silver and Gold provide 6 microns per coat. Red, Yellow and Blue provide 12 microns per coat.

Three coats of Yellow, Red, Silver or Blue provide 30 microns. When fitting the casting, if any color is exposed, it indicates the location of the casting requires adjustment and the amount of correction needed.

EZ ADAPT-RITE® paints are available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. kits. Individual paints may be custom ordered in either 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottles.


model_8EZ SEAL-IT® Die and Model Hardener

EZ SEAL-IT® is the perfect complement to El ADAPT-RITE@ for the preparation of dies. EZ SEAL-IT® Die and Model Hardener is a quick penetrating stone strengthener that dries quickly and will not change the dimensions of the die.

EZ SEAL-IT® protects die margins and stone contact points from chipping and abrasion while reducing the wear of adjacent teeth and the opposing model. The product is ideal for orthodontic models as well as crowns and bridges.

To maintain optimum consistency use EZ SEAL-IT® Thinner and apply EZ SEAL-IT® with the convenient bottle-cap brush. EZ SEAL-IT® and EZ SEAL-IT® Thinner are available individually or in kits.


model_9EZ WONDERFUL™ Cleaner; Conditioner, Debubblizer

DENTIFAX offers the only triple-action surfactant, EZ WONDERFUL™, a debubblizer that deans, conditions and eliminates bubble formations in one easy operation on wax patterns, wax-ups of clasps, partial frame-works and full denture wax-ups before flasking.

EZ WONDERFUL™ removes surface contaminants and acts as a wetting agent to reduce surface tension allowing for better adhesion. It allows poured stone to flow smoothly into the finest contours and crevices to produce an accurate, denser bubble-free stone model.

EZ WONDERFUL™ effectively eliminates any need for pre-cleaning and preconditioning. Non-dogging spray bottle produces a fine mist. Air drying is usually sufficient or blow-dry, if desired.


model_10EZ CHEC-IT

EZ CHEC-IT is a water-soluble paint that is ideal for identifying high spots and contacts when seating fixed and removable restorations. It eliminates the guesswork in spot grinding. So easy to use, simply apply to metal castings and all porcelain restorations to verify the accuracy of the contacts and fits to solid metal.

Use to check articulations and on wax-ups occlusion prior to investing for casting. On gypsum models, it is recommended, that model surfaces be coated with EZ SEAl-IT® prior to EZ CHEC-IT.

EZ CHEC-IT contains no CFCs and is easily cleaned with running water and brush or may be steamed dean. Available in Red, White and Blue 1/2 oz. bottle / applicator.


Catalog No. 6320 - 2oz. Tube (60ml) with brush in cap Catalog No. 6321 - 16oz. Tube (480ml) refill

Catalog No. 6320 – 2oz. Tube (60ml) with brush in cap
Catalog No. 6321 – 16oz. Tube (480ml) refill

EZ LUBEE™ Die Lubricant

DENT/FAX has developed EZ LUBEE™, a light colored lubricant to provide easy release of the wax pattern from stone, epoxy or metal dies without tearing or cracking. EZ LUBEE™ can be painted on the die before building a wax pattern forming a quick-drying thin film that easily flows into the subtlest contours of the die. It will also polish waxed surfaces to a shiny finish and is easily removed by washing with water.

EZ SLICK™ Saw Blade Lubricant

EZ SLICK™ Saw Blade lubricant improves the movement of the saw blade by curtailing the dogging of the saw blade teeth and drag in the blade. The result is less friction, less heat build-up and more precise, rapid cuts through the die material. Increased blade efficiency reduces the possibility of chipping delicate stone margins. Use EZ SLICK™ on both flat surfaces of the blade to extend the life of the blade.


Catalog No. 9191 - 2oz. Tube (45gm)

Catalog No. 9191 – 2oz. Tube (45gm)