Sprues Introductory Kit - Catalog No.5400

Sprues Introductory Kit – Catalog No.5400

EZ-Sprue Balls® System
One-piece Casting of Multiple Units

The DENTIFAX EZ-Sprue Balls® System is the only patented casting system that uses hollow movable reservoirs and sprues to produce consistently accurate one-piece casting of any number of units. The system uses the best features of both direct and indirect casting techniques by spruing directly and connecting all reservoirs to permit the indirect flow of molten alloy.

The EZ-Sprue Balls® System is ideal for long or short restorative spans, especially those that include the curve of the arch by creating custom-made Feeder Bars with a contour perfectly matching the dental arch.

Wax-ups are removed from the dies in one piece without bending or cracking. With no distortion on removal, the wax-up is casted precisely as waxed and castings are seated on the dies exactly as waxed. The DENTIFAX EZ-Sprue Balls® System provides faster, more accurate casting at a lower cost increasing laboratory profits.

An introductory kit (pictured right) is available and includes a technique manual.

EZ-Sprue Balls® System Benefits

  • Shortens Casting Time
  • Improves Profit Margins
  • Improves fit of even shortest restorations
  • Ideal for implant superstructures
  • Cast any length multi-unit bridges and splints without soldering
  • Creates custom-made hollow plastic feeder bars


EZ_DI2EZ DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Reservoir Sprues

EZ DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Reservoir Sprues are specially designed to provide consistent high quality in conventional or ringless casting. The hollow interior provides rapid elimination of both wax and gases preventing any carbonization or vapor pressure damage of the investment. There is never a need to coat with wax. The reservoir prevents porosity while providing an anchor for auxiliary sprues. Its tapered design permits an even flow of alloy. The rigid plastic design offers strong support, provides extra clean burnout yet is flexible enough for better positioning of the wax pattern without fear of breakage or distortion.



sprues3EZ Plastic Sprue Bars

EZ plastic sprue bars are available in two gauges and when heated can be bent to the desired shape. Shape will not distort when cooled.


6partsEZ DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Sprues Without Reservoirs

EZ DI-EQUI Plastic Hollow Sprues Without Reservoirs are available in three different gauges of various lengths. Existing lengths can be shortened to accommodate any preferred length. Custom orders for other gauges and/or lengths are available. These Plastic Hollow Sprues provide no distortion and a cleaner burnout as compared to wax sprues and will not expand like solid plastic or damage the investment. When desired adjustable reservoirs (sprue balls) can be positioned anywhere on the sprue for greater flexibility.


2parts copyEZ DI-EQUI Wax Sprues

EZ DI-EQUI Wax Sprues are made from high quality compound wax for rigidity without brittleness. The super-low .002% ash content leaves a clean uncontaminated mold cavity after burnout. Our scientifically designed reservoir prevents shrinkage and porosity in the casting. The unique tapered tip provides a smooth, even flow of alloy. Our all-purpose Regular Blue Sprue is easily trimmed to 15mm to accommodate the use of noble flow alloys.